Memorial website in the memory of your loved one

This memorial website was created in the memory 
of our loved one, Emily Phillips who was 
born in Canada on July 23, 1998 
and passed away on April 11, 2006 
at the tender age of 7. 
She will Forever be in Our Hearts
and Thoughts.
Words can't express how much we 
miss her.

Please Light a Candle In Memory of Emily

If My Heart Had Wings
I Would Fly into the Sky
And Bring Back All the Love
That's missing from Our Lives..
~ Love Auntie Kari

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane
I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again

Emily Jean Phillips

1998 - 2006
Love Mommy

You were a little girl who loved life.  You loved your friends, your teachers and most of all your family.  You were so proud of your brother Kyle.  You would talk about him all the time.  You loved to swim and you were becoming very good at it.  I didn't get to see you swim as much as I would have liked to but when I did you were always so excited to see me there watching you.  You attempted snowboarding for the first time this year and you were a natural.   You loved to wear dresses and you would often fight with me over what you could wear.  The day of the accident you were angry with me because I wouldn't let you wear your flip flops to school.  You didn't care that it was freezing outside and your toes would be cold.  You just knew it went with your outfit you were wearing.  I never had to worry about what you were putting on for school because you had an eye for fashion and knew what matched and what didn't.  You were so smart and you were funny.  You  loved school and you loved everything you learned.  You could light up a room with your smile and you could make my bad day seem good.  Your  eyes were magnifying.  You could get whatever you wanted just by giving me that look.  You will be remembered always with love that goes around the moon and back.  Remember when you were away from me for more then 2 days that you would start to miss me and I would tell you to go outside and look for the biggest, brightest star and that I would be doing the same.  That way we were close and you didn't have to miss me anymore.  So whenever I see a star shining bright I will think of you.  You would tell me that you loved me around the universe and back.  You were a wonderful little girl who completed me.  I will treasure every memory we shared together and I hope all who knew you would do the same.  You, my angel,  will be forever missed and forever loved by me and all who had the pleasure of knowing you.

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Tributes and Condolences
Merry Christmas   / Mommy
It's hard to believe sometimes how much time has past since you went away. This year is the 11th Christmas without you here and it still feels the same as the first. I am sitting here this morning while everyone sleeps thinking about all that I've mi...  Continue >>
16th Birthday   / Mommy
It is hard to believe 16 years ago I held you in my arms for the first time. You were so perfect and I couldn't believe you were all mine. I know I don't right often but I don't need to because I talk to you everyday. I decided to write tonight b...  Continue >>
Eight years later & you're not forgotten   / Lori Devoe (My daughter's friend )
It's been eight years since you passed on & you're never forgotten. Whenever I see butterflies, I think of you. Heather who went to St. Denis with you misses you. RIP Emily <3
Missing you   / Auntie Kari
I think alot about what it would be like now, how grown up you would be and how much I wish you could be apart of your cousins lives. I know you watch over them for me and I feel your love inside my heart. They say as time goes on you begin to forget...  Continue >>
Easter 2013   / Mommy
Its funny how Easter falls at different times each year and some people don't understand why it is so hard to celebrate Easter, if Easter isn't on April 16th like it was almost 7 years ago. To me it doesn't matter what day it falls on ...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
Niagara Street On Ramp  

It has been long known that the Niagara Street On Ramp has been a danger zone for a while now, and it was brought to my attention last night that any changes that are being made and any plans to make that ramp more safe for motorists are and should be a part of Emily's Legacy. She has led the way for improvements to take place, ensuring that this does not ever happen again. Tragic as it is that it had to happen this way, who knows how many lives she might have saved in the future to come. I will always think of her now as a heroine.

Niagara Street on-ramp expansion to begin May 29

Local News - Wednesday, May 17, 2006 @ 01:00

Design changes to improve safety on the niagara street on-ramp to the Toronto-bound QEW are expected to begin in two weeks.

The Ministry of Transportation has tentatively set May 29 as the start date to begin lengthening the extremely short on-ramp where a St. Catharines girl was killed last month.

The ministry expects the on-ramp to be closed for the first two weeks of a month-long reconstruction project.

St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley said he's pleased the ministry fast-tracked improvements to the ramp following the deadly crash.

The MTO eventually plans to completely revamp the niagara street ramp and bring it up to minimum safety standards as part of a larger project to widen the QEW through the city.

But that work isn't scheduled to begin until 2007 and won't be completed until 2010.

In the meantime, Transportation Minister Harinder Takhar ordered a series of interim improvements, including a redesign to more than double the length of the ramp.

"The Ministry of Transportation did not want to wait for (the highway widening project) to take place. They wanted to act quickly on this," said Bradley.

Seven-year-old Emily Phillips was killed April 11 when the car she was in was coming to a stop on the on-ramp while attempting to merge. The car was struck from behind by a minivan.

At just 160 metres long, the on-ramp is less than a third of the 500-metre minimum standard the MTO demands for ramps built today, according to ministry figures.

But the amount of space drivers actually have to accelerate to merging speed and find room to safely get onto the two-lane highway is far shorter than the ramp's overall length.

Drivers have less than 60 metres to make the move to the highway from the merge lane before it runs out, according to The Standard's measurements.

The distance from the point where the hash marks begin in the merge lane -- signalling a driver can enter the highway -- to the point where the lane ends is approximately 57 metres.

The ministry plans to increase the length of the overall ramp to about 340 metres, said spokesman Bob Nichols.

Extending the ramp will require the construction of a retaining wall between the QEW and McCalla Drive, which runs parallel to the highway, he said.

The niagara street access to the service road that leads to the on-ramp will be closed throughout the month-long project.

It will also be shut down for a further four to six weeks as the City of St. Catharines replaces a watermain along McCalla Drive.

The city needs to replace the aging watermain prior to the planned widening of the QEW, said city engineer Paul Mustard.

McCalla Drive will remain open to local traffic during construction, but will sometimes be reduced to one lane, he said.

"I think at the beginning there will be (congestion), but people will find alternate ways and gradually the traffic will spread itself out," said Mustard.

Road crews contracted by the MTO have already removed a portion of a chain-link fence separating the niagara street on-ramp from the highway to improve sight lines, and trimmed trees and shrubs in the area.

In addition, the ministry has dropped the niagara street ramp from the route that was used for road tests by all niagara drivers trying to get the final stage of their licences and seniors who need to requalify to drive. 

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